Storage tips for boats that you will surely appreciate

It is rare to own a boat like you would a car. Boats are not used by people who live on land every day. Boating is an activity that many individuals enjoy. You should take extra self storage precautions to store and maintain your boat while it is not being used. It is not a good idea to overspend on damages that could be avoided.

The fuel. You can either treat it or remove it completely from the vessel. Depending on what you decide, the boat’s storage time will vary. Fill the tank up with high quality fuel stabilizer, if you only plan on using the storage for a few months. You can then run your engine for several minutes to ensure treatment reaches the engine. Now you’re ready to drive. It is important to drain gas from your car if the storage period will exceed a few weeks, or if it will extend to a year. As it turns out, fuel, like food at the grocery store, has a shelflife. After some time, the gas can become sticky, which will clog up the lines and carburetors.

Dry the boat: Once you have sorted out your fuel situation, it is time to dry everything completely. Also, this is the perfect time to check for leaks. It is possible for water to get into the boat from any leakage, but especially through vents and hatches. You should inspect the boat both inside and outside, and then dry all areas where water has been present. It is possible to fix or repair any issues that you may find if the water appears in a place it should not. This can be done without having it discovered while on a boat, in the middle of a large lake.

Many self-storage places allow you to simply store your boat on its trailer outside. However, you might want to store the boat indoors just incase. If you would hate to have the boat exposed to the negative temperatures, maybe a temperature-controlled unit is just best for you. If you simply need the boat out of harm’s way, then a standard unit will do. For more information on boat storage Gladstone or if you need help, contact the storage companies and packing supply companies. These renowned storage companies can guide you to the best solutions for boat storage.